Firefighter Game Drager

Use your firefighting skills and judgment to extinguish as much of the fire as you possibly can.
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This fire game is really cool!

yeah, i like it too

They should make a game with the usa firefighters on a red ladder :)

yeah man america first :)

Awesome game.

I really enjoyed this game as it gave me a challenge and understanding of how long it may take to get a fire out and the fact that the fire may start again.

best game

really good but where the fire keeps light that bit just so anoyeing

Okayyyyyyy. So where are the top scores located???

i love playing this game because its not to hard and it makes you look and think

this game rocks

The games is so much fun

i like this game, it makes me more understanding for how the fire can spread!

this is agraet game

this game is the best i whant it on my phone to play it

i like this game

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